The term dropwatcher stands for a test device that makes it possible to observe ink drops emerging from a printhead in flight.

The CLUSTERJET printing system has various functions specially designed for the operation of a dropwatching device.

The firing frequency, which is usually generated internally, can be freely specified or determined by a supplied clock signal.

Various types of velocity ramps can be defined.

The data to be output from the individual nozzle rows can be specified via an editor or by a TIFF file.

For the execution of automated stress tests, print data can be generated and modified script-controlled.

A print operation can be terminated after a number of shots to be specified or can continuously output drops.

The print operation can be started or stopped by externally supplied signals.

All operating parameters can be changed continuously under script control.

Different waveforms can be selected by mouse click or automatically selected.

A time controlled automatic change of waveform parameters can easily be configured by text files.

All the above configurable changes are immediately implemented by the hardware – even during a running print process.

During a printing process, the CLUSTERJET system outputs a synchronization signal for the operation of dropwatcher devices.

Our portable inkjet minilab is equipped with a very powerful dropwatcher device as standard.