The basis of each print module is a modern SoC (System on Chip) from the manufacturer XILINX®. The XILINX® SoC XC7Z010 / XC7Z020 integrates a highly perfomant Cortex®-A9 dual core processor and an Artix-7® FPGA in a 484 pin package.

This SoC is located with 1GB DDR3 SDRAM memory devices, a Gigabit Ethernet phyter and various peripheral devices on a very compact SO-DIMM module, which we purchase ready-made.

The ready-built ZX3 module from ENCLUSTRA, Switzerland offers considerable performance reserves and is brought to life by our Clusterjet logic core, which has proven itself over many years.

Our advanced IP-CORE can be adapted to various other SoC modules and can also be executed by any other XILINX® SOC of the ZYNQ® series.

In order to continue to meet the requirements of our customers, we are already planning the next generation of our controller system. In the future, SOM modules of the KRIA® series from XILINX® will also be used.