The term waveform stands for an electrical signal that is applied to a piezo element to cause it to vibrate.

All piezo inkjet printheads require a waveform pulse to eject fluid.

There are printheads that generate waveform pulses internally and those that must have the pulse applied by external electronics.

The external generation of the waveform usually offers the user much better conditions if the printhead is to be used with a special fluid or under special environmental conditions.

Generating the waveform internally in the head results in lower production costs and often also less installation space and weight for the controlling electronic components.

A waveform pulse can reach voltages of approximately 12 to 150 volts, depending on the print head. Larger nominal droplet masses are usually ejected at larger voltages as well.

For the development of a waveform, a so-called dropwatcher is required.