If possible, the user interface for controlling a press should be developed by the machine manufacturer. It is a central component in the appearance of the press and should match the corporate identity of the manufacturer.

In addition, application-related expertise is often required to produce the user interface. This knowledge, like the source code created during development, should remain a trade secret of the developing company.

The operator software is usually linked via TCP/IP to a control core or directly to the CLUSTERJET print servers. This also applies if the operator software, the overall control system and the print servers are run on the same PC.

Operator software can be created on any hardware platform using any development environment. We recommend the use of the VISUAL-STUDIO® development environment offered by MICROSOFT®.

To make it easier for our customers to get started with inkjet-technology, our software package includes a fully functional user interface that can be adapted to most requirements by configuration.

The software package also includes a control kernel that coordinates the interaction of individual components such as the user-interface, motor control, heating control, ink system and our print servers.