The Clusterjet print modules contain all the hardware required to operate a print head and form a cluster with the print server that controls them.

No further components such as distribution cards are required!

The Clusterjet system uses only two differently designed print modules that can be adapted to a lot of different print heads with the help of adapters.

One of these modules serves all print heads that require a supplied waveform pulse, the other module is used for print heads that are controlled only by digital signals.

The modules can be used for all operating modes such as dropwatcher, scanning or single pass mode.

Our print modules have an internal generation of the piezo voltage and ensure the compliance of the on/off sequence of all required voltages.

The modules have connections for an internal bus system which e.g. transmits encoder signals to further cards.

For the operation of a print module, a 24V power supply and, if required, an encoder signal are required.

The print modules are controlled by a state of the art SoC from XILINX®.

If you prefer to manufacture print modules – as we have designed them or modified according to your requirements – we will be pleased to provide you with production data.

To generate pulses for excitation of the piezos, our modules are often equipped with a 4-channel waveform generator. The necessary amplifier board is plugged and screwed to the print module.

On request, we also develop suitable housings and have them manufactured in small series.