Yes – we have been doing this for a very long time!

It all started in 1995 with the legendary XJ-128 printhead from Modular Inkjet Technology (MIT).

The technology of the head, initially built in a 64-nozzle version, was based on XAAR patents.

MIT manufactured the printhead, originally developed for inkjet fax machines, in Järfälla, Sweden and was later acquired by XAAR®.

In the nineties, we still manufactured our boards ourselves – without solder resist, of course.

After some experiments and setbacks, we got a first bad looking but working system with 32 XJ-128 printheads up and running in 1997.

The print data was calculated by a PC running under Windows95® and transferred to the print heads with a 32 bit IO card from ADLINK®.

The XJ-128 head achieved a firing rate of 5 kHz at that time.

Meanwhile, our circuit boards come from automated manufacturing and are tested before shipment.