The CLUSTERJET IP-CORE has a full-size muxer with which any chip-internal signal can be applied to any output pin of the hardware used, even during runtime.

The configuration of the muxer is done by text files which are processed by the script interpreter of the connected print server.

By a very simple syntax an output pin can be connected directly or inverted to an internal signal, set to HIGH or LOW level or simply set to high impedance.

A new configuration becomes active a few milliseconds after processing the instructions.

The muxer functionality in combination with freely assignable Signalram creates almost complete independence for users.

The integration of new print heads can be done by an experienced user in a short time.

For diagnostic purposes, entire groups of internal signals can be assigned to a test port via instruction file.

The ability to place any internal signal on any output pin greatly simplifies board design.

Even design errors can be corrected afterwards.

Theoretically, up to 4096 internal signals can be distributed to up to 640 output pins.