From a technical point of view, a defining feature of our system is the consistent modularisation of all components. Through many years of experience, we know that this approach enables a development that can be planned in terms of time and economy.

Even if the effort seems greater at first, modularisation in the area of software quickly brings time advantages and, above all, predictability. Modular hardware is more expensive to purchase, but it brings great advantages in the event of troubleshooting, conversion or expansion of a system.

Our printhead control system uses only long established technologies to provide the required functionality.

Only a few very extensively tested procedures are used repeatedly.

We have deliberately omitted functional features that cannot be realized by proven mechanisms.

Expansion to increase print quality or squaremeter output is possible by duplicating units that have been proven to work!

With the help of various test and simulation options, a planned configuration can be tested without much effort.

As a matter of principle, we plan in such a way that no component is stressed to its performance limit.