The central component of our software is the so-called print server.

Our print server is as versatile as a Swiss army knife.

It forms a cluster with the printhead controller modules assigned to it.

In normal operation, the print server software runs as a background service without a visible user interface.

In addition to print data preparation and test data generation, the server takes over the configuration and control of the printhead controller electronics.

The print server is started, configured and controlled by an overall control instance.

In most cases, this control instance is also a PC program. Since the controlling software component is coupled via TCP/IP, it is irrelevant whether it is executed on the same computer as the server.

To control a server, configuring variables can be written and read, functions can be called and scripts can be processed.

After appropriate configuration, a print server can independently report the status of status variables and signal the processing of a function with the help of freely selectable text strings.

To simplify configuration and control development, the server is equipped with an auxiliary user interface that can be activated.

The aux user interface shows configuring variables in the left column, executable functions in the middle and variables reflecting the server status in the right column.

As many print servers can be run simultaneously on one PC as the system performance allows.

The Clusterjet print server is a solution that has been tried and tested over many years and is constantly being further developed. It can be adapted to the respective requirements by means of simple configuration.