Our photo shows a capping station from a standard roll-to-roll printer. Since such stations are installed by many machine manufacturers, they can be obtained easily and inexpensively from spare parts dealers in a wide variety of designs.

The use of an automated cleaning and venting unit significantly improves the availability of a machine and usually also extends the service life of the print heads used.

We offer a combination of hardware and software with which commercially available cleaning stations can be optimally controlled.

The intended function sequence is described by a syntactically very simple script and can be adapted by the user at any time.

Of course, our components can also be used to control self-developed cleaning units. We will demonstrate this using the example of the station specially developed for our minilab.

We use a popular single board computer with a commercial add-on module(HAT) for the operation of cleaning stations.

The script used for our example has a very simple structure and can be easily adapted with the help of any text editor.

The integration into an overall control environment is done with the help of a software component which is executed as a system service in the background. The software has a auxiliary user interface which can be activated via the systray. Predefined scripts can be executed by simple operating steps.

If requested, we design and manufacture individual cleaning stations!