Our illustration shows the possible arrangement of the nozzle rows of a 2-pass single pass machine. A head block contains 2 nozzle rows each, which are equipped with one color and are arranged offset to each other by half a nozzle distance.

The two head blocks arranged one behind the other in the direction of material flow provide a certain degree of fail-safety. Each pixel row applied in the direction of material flow is built up by two nozzles which are usually used alternately in a randomly controlled manner.

With this arrangement, a running speed that is already quite high for inkjet printing systems can be expected, but not particularly good quality. The print resolution of such a system can be varied in the direction of material travel and is determined in the direction of the nozzle rows by the distance between the nozzles.

Since the output droplet masses of the adjacent nozzle rows of a color must be almost identical, the use of an actively controlled vacuum system in the ink supply is absolutely essential.

The quantity and arrangement of the heads places high demands on the design of a capping and cleaning unit.