It should not look like the picture when you use our spit function. The term “SPITTING” stands for the controlled output of ink drops to maintain the function of a printhead.

The Spit function initiates a printing process in which all nozzles of a printhead are controlled with a predefined frequency. This serves to maintain or restore the function of the nozzles.

A spit cycle could be automatically activated once the printheads have assumed a waiting position, and then fire 500 drops every 300 seconds at a frequency of 100 Hz, for example. The low firing rate can help to restore individual nozzles that are no longer properly supplied with ink.

Spit operation can be carried out completely independently by the print modules, for example overnight. A connection to the controlling PC is not necessary.

Likewise, when the print start is triggered, a “burst spit” can be started shortly before leaving the waiting position, which fires the nozzles once at a rate of 2000 Hz for approx. 2 seconds.

We offer a special spitting function when using the scanning mode. By specifying position and width, areas can be defined to the left and right of the image content to be output within which the nozzles are automatically fired at a predefined low frequency. The nozzle rows are operated in the spit mode during the movement through a spit area and are controlled again with the firing rate resulting from the movement speed after leaving the spit area.