The CLUSTERJET print server contains a test pattern generator for script-controlled generation of any graphic elements such as lines, rectangles and texts. The module works independently of the image data preparation.

The elements to be output can be “calculated” into a freely definable output memory of any size. However, they can also be created in an output memory generated by the image data preparation. For linking the individual elements with the output memory content, the usual logical links: AND, OR, NOT and XOR can be used.

All operating parameters available in a print server, e.g. resolution, time, file names, can be output as well. The size of the elements to be output is automatically adapted to the currently set output resolution in the head movement direction.

See below examples for output of a nozzle test, testing of bidirectional displacement, setting of the angle to the movement axis and setting of the distance of the nozzle rows to each other.