A finely adjustable and actively controlled vacuum in the millibar range is essential for the safe operation of inkjet printheads.

To meet this requirement, we have developed an assembly for our minilab which we will also offer for sale separately in the future.

The module, which measures approx. 200 x 110 x 50 mm, contains a pump, a tank and the necessary tubing, as well as the control electronics and sensors to provide the function.

A specially adapted control process ensures stable pressure conditions even when the system is confronted with abruptly changing conditions.

In addition to the negative pressure, the ambient temperature and humidity can also be continuously measured and transmitted to a controlling instance.

The vacuum controller can be operated as a completely independent system and configured via a web interface or telegrams sent via TCP/IP.

Operating parameters such as the negative pressure to be generated can be continuously adjusted as required.

When integrated into our machine control system, additional functions such as an automatically activated reduction of the negative pressure when the machine is inactive can be used.

The device will also be available as an “openframe” version in the future.