Computer-aided control and visual monitoring of production processes are playing an increasingly important role in industry.

We have also been dealing with this topic in context with the operation of inkjet printing systems for quite some time and have started developments in different directions.

One goal is to monitor the inkjet printing process throughout with cameras to enable fully automated operation.

We can already offer individual options that are easy to implement.

For example, after a cleaning process has been carried out, the output and automatic evaluation of a nozzle test can determine whether all nozzles are functional.

The continuous monitoring of a control strip for a minimum density with automatic activation of a cleaning process is also functional.

Such functions should be integrated into every industrially used inkjet printing press.

The fully automatic output and camera-based control of a density chart seems to be within reach.

Much more complex functionalities are envisaged for the dropwatcher solution integrated in our minilab. We plan to develop a software component that independently generates a near-optimal waveform through iterative learning and a bit of artificial intelligence.