We are not only creative with our concept, but also very connective.

This means that you can simply elicit a PWM signal from the printhead-board that can be set via the user control without our help. This can be used, for example, to control the intensity of a UV or NIR drying lamp.

Just as easily, you can activate an already implemented PID controller and control the heating of your printhead carriage.

An I²C bus is available on each printhead-module for reading sensors and controlling components.

For synchronisation of Dropwatcher devices, there are high-speed digital outputs that can be activated simply by configuration.

Our software components are also already equipped with interfaces that enable easy communication with the machine environment.

For example, all machine-internal parameters can be output at any time for production data acquisition.

The software can inform its user fully automatically about the operating status of the machine by sending messages via e-mail, WhatsApp or SMS.

The output of messages via a switching interface is also provided for.

Devices for fully automatic loading of the machine can also be controlled, or commands from a higher-level control system can simply be executed.

We are ready and prepared to connect our components with existing or desired technology.