How exactly you move a print head or the substrate is up to you.

If only somehow an encoder signal can be obtained and a certain synchronization accuracy is achieved, we can realize a printing process.

You can install servo motor driven linear axes, a wire rope or belt drive. A robot arm or cutting plotter can also be used to move the print head.

Our motor server software translates the standardized internal system communication so that almost any common servo controller can be used to drive the motors.

We can create connections to motor controllers via fieldbus systems, send HPGL telegrams via all common interfaces or output clock direction signals to closed-loop steppers.

Of course, the above methods can also be used in combination.

Just let’s talk about how you would like it!

The only important thing is that, for example, in scanning systems, the head-moving axis has a certain synchronization accuracy and the transport axis, which is arranged at a 90° angle to it, has the necessary accuracy for the desired print resolution.