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Why Inkjet?

The time has come!

Inkjet technology has become a popular and controllable production tool over the last 20 years.

After the graphic arts industry was revolutionized by the inkjet printing process, it has now also found its way into industrial production processes.

Wherever conventional printing processes need to be supplemented or automated production can only be realized through the use of inkjet technology, the process is used with growing enthusiasm.

Inkjet printing presses are particularly effective when products are to be individualized or manufactured “on demand”.

The use of inkjet technology is not limited to imaging or coating surfaces, but is also used for dosing tasks or the non-contact application of adhesives and other functional fluids.

In the age of advancing digitization, inkjet printing is becoming more and more important.

About us

We do Inkjet!

We offer a complete solution for controlling all types of inkjet printing equipment.

Our components can be used to operate scanning, pass-through, 3D printers as well as stationary systems such as dropwatchers or dosing devices.

The universally usable design allows the integration of all hardware and software components necessary for the setup of inkjet printing systems.

The CLUSTERJET system can control any number of print heads, even of different types and manufacturers, in a coordinated manner and is thus infinitely expandable.

A wide range of configuration options allows the uncomplicated setup of almost any conceivable topology.

The system can be converted at any time to new print heads, even those that appear in the future, and is therefore absolutely future-proof.

The guiding principle of the development was to create a solution that can be expanded indefinitely without planning risks.

Why with us?

We know Inkjet!

We have been developing controls for inkjet printheads since 1995 and have a wealth of experience thanks to our involvement in many inkjet projects.

With a freshly developed state-of-the-art technology base, we create future-proofness.

Our innovative concept minimizes development risks and gives you planning reliability.

Thanks to a unique remuneration model, you have the opportunity to initially realize your idea at a reasonable price.

But more importantly, we know what we are doing, are committed to your project and, above all, are honest with you.

We take the time to carefully examine your requirements and inform you at an early stage about the likely costs and any risks involved.

After a joint pre-selection of the print heads to be used, we calculate the actual expected printing performance of your machine, taking into account all general conditions.

How we do it

Let us test your ink!

Talk to us about printheads, inks and processes!

We check your print heads for function!

Describe your project to us without any obligation!

We develop a waveform for your printhead!

Let us calculate the actual performance of a head arrangement you are planning!



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